Samuel, 19, fashion design student currently in Singapore.

Fashion is my medium. I see it through geometric forms; breaking down my inspirations and amplifying its beauty. I approach my work with a sense of modernism juxtaposed with naturalism.
I post all my artistic endeavours here (personal/school).

*P.S. Please give credit where it's deemed appropriate; real artists don't plagiarise.
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I love your work, how do you get the grids over your images? x asked by Anonymous

Thanks. And Photoshop x

Monday April 7th //
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your tumblr is incredible, what theme do you use? asked by Anonymous

Thanks! The theme’s by Themesbyher.tumblr but I edited it a bit. Dont think Im supposed to do that but whatever lol

Friday March 21st //
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Security Camera View 6 - Mark Colle x LCD Soundsystem

A small scaled project I’m doing that tackles digital art, and the coexistence of modern and naturalistic.

▣ More: conceptualnaturalism~ ▣

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